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Roswell, New Mexico: A Day of Alien Adventure You Won’t Believe

Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico – the alien enthusiast's dream destination! If you're short on time but high on curiosity, we've crafted the perfect one-day itinerary to help you make the most of your visit. From intergalactic encounters to tantalizing treats, here's your guide to a day filled with extraterrestrial excitement.

Aliens point to the sky
Aliens looking to the sky

Visitor Center Roswell NM
Visitor Center

Stop 1: Encounter at the Visitor Center

As you drive into town, your journey begins with a visit to the Roswell Visitor Center. Here, you can capture a cherished memory with a free photo alongside friendly aliens, ensuring your day starts with a touch of cosmic whimsy. Be sure to check and see if there are any local events happening.

Stop 2: Lunchtime Delight at Dion's

Recharge your energy levels with a scrumptious lunch at Dion's, a local favorite. Savor a slice of out-of-this-world pizza or pasta, they even have subs, providing the perfect fuel for your alien exploration ahead. If you need something a little more like home head over to the UFO McDonalds.

Stop 3: Unearth Secrets at the International UFO Museum and Research Center

Prepare to be captivated at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Dive into the mysteries of the universe as you explore exhibits and artifacts that shed light on the enigmatic world of UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena.

UFO Museum and Research Center Roswell NM
UFO Museum and Research Center

UFO Spacewalk Roswell NM
UFO Spacewalk

Stop 4: Channel Your Inner Space Warrior at the UFO Spacewalk

Time to test your intergalactic battle skills! Visit the UFO Spacewalk, an otherworldly experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the extraterrestrial world. Will you be Earth's next protector?

Stop 5: Journey into the Sunset with Cosmic Hopes

As the day draws to a close, embark on a scenic drive that leads you into the beautiful New Mexican sunset. Reflect on your day of discovery and contemplate the vastness of the universe.

Final Note: Roswell's True UFO Story

Before you leave, know this – while Roswell is synonymous with UFOs, the actual UFO crash didn't occur in this town. To uncover the true tale, read our blog by following the link in our bio. It's an extraterrestrial mystery that will leave you both fascinated and enlightened.

A day in Roswell, New Mexico, may be all you need to spark your curiosity, engage with the unknown, and embrace the mystique of the cosmos. So, pack your sense of wonder, embark on this alien adventure, and be prepared to discover a world of secrets that lies beyond the stars. If you go there in search of a cash sight you may be disappointed to learn it never happened in Roswell. We are not saying it did not happen we learned it happened in a town about 50 miles away. The site is no longer open to the public. I wonder why????


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Roswell Visitors Center:

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