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"Rain or Shine: A Nursery Rhyme Musical Adventure" – The Latest Album from Martin and Rose Music

Los Angeles, CA – Martin and Rose Music are thrilled to announce the release of their newest children's album, "Rain or Shine: A Nursery Rhyme Musical Adventure." This album is a follow-up to their critically acclaimed full-length album, "Dear Heart," and promises to be an even bigger hit with parents and children alike.

The husband and wife duo, Daniel Martin and Stefani Rose, have once again joined forces to create a fun-filled album that is sure to delight and entertain children of all ages. Daniel is a longtime successful music producer, while Stefani is an actress, director, and Yale graduate. Together, they make music that their own kids love and participate in, bringing a unique and authentic perspective to the world of children's music.

"Rain or Shine: A Nursery Rhyme Musical Adventure" includes popular songs like the catchy single "Mr. Sun," the classic "Rain Rain Go Away," and the timeless "If You're Happy and You Know It." Each song is performed with the same energy and enthusiasm that has made Martin and Rose Music a household name among parents and children alike.

The album's overall theme is positive, uplifting, and relatable to parents who want to find new music for their kids to enjoy. With its fun, upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics, "Rain or Shine: A Nursery Rhyme Musical Adventure" is the perfect album for parents who want to introduce their children to the joys of music.

"We're so excited to share this album with our fans," said Daniel Martin. "We put our heart and soul into every song, and we hope that kids and parents alike will love it as much as we do."

"Rain or Shine: A Nursery Rhyme Musical Adventure" will be available on all major streaming platforms. For more information, please visit the Martin and Rose Music website,

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